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The Denver Years (1974 – 1988; 1989 - 1995)

Mark Blaise Fallon was born in Fairfax, Virginia in July 1968 and grew up in Denver and Breckinridge, Colorado. At Pomona High School, Mark wrote a short story called, "My Horror" about a kid who erases his face trying to get rid of a massive pimple. It was published in Analekta, a collection of short stories that sold around school for one buck each. “Horrifyingly cheap” the cover read. After graduating from Pomona, Mark discovered that college would have to wait. London was calling.

The London Years (1988 – 1989)

Armed with a bass guitar, a reasonable singing voice and several songs he’d written, he flew off to London to become a rock star. Once there, he learned the great art of drinking (as Londoners know all too well), caught hundreds of incredible bands live at The Town and Country Club, traveled, had his heart broken, and generally fell in love with Britain. He recorded four very eighties sounding songs as a demo at Temple Studios, shopped them around, but it would seem that rock stardom wasn't in the cards. With a deep love for walking the streets of London, he began to write short stories instead of songs. Finding his vocabulary lacking and visa expiring, it was time to go home to Denver and get educated.

Mark returned to Denver to earn his degree in English Writing from the University of Colorado.

The New York City Years (1995 – 2006)

Upon graduating, Mark moved to New York City where he worked in the legal area of the entertainment industry, including at New Line Cinema during the years The Lord of the Rings films were released in theaters. He married, and in August of 2000, his daughter Mia was born. With an extreme love of film, Mark began writing screenplays. Despite his writing several scripts, TV pilots, and optioning a script called Franklin vs. God, about a modern day Job who brings a class action lawsuit against God, Hollywood’s doors would not open.

The Finger Lakes Years (2006 – 2010)

When his marriage ended, Mark and Mia moved to the Finger Lakes region of New York. He married again, and in January of 2009, his daughter Ema was born. When that marriage ended, Mark met a bellydancer named Donia who would become the love of his life and muse to all his future creations.

The Los Angeles Years (2010 – Present)

Mark travelled with Donia and Mia to Los Angeles, California. Donia worked as a computer programmer by day and bellydanced at numerous venues throughout the city by night. Mark worked at NBCUniversal and later ABC by day and completed The Emperors of Bedlam by night (and on lunch breaks, weekends, early mornings, and any other time he could burgle to write). The book was first published in the United States by Fugue Publishing in October 2016.

Mark Blaise Fallon lives in Los Angeles, California with Donia and Mia and is currently writing the second novel in The Age of Bedlam book series.