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The Emperors of Bedlam

What Species Will Rule Earth Next?

This epic, futuristic adventure from the lush imagination of Mark Blaise Fallon is a thrill ride along the razor’s edge of humankind's extinction. When billions are forced to abandon a hostile, irradiated Earth, those left behind must fight for survival as two mighty empires of mutated non-human species rise and clash to claim dominion over the planet. C. August Grimnail, a wise-cracking rogue, scours the wild, encountering strange creatures and treacherous remnants of our lost world in hopes to re-build the New Human Empire. August's best friend Emperor Hennrik Taschen and the beautiful Empress Dönadrinne fight to realize a utopian civilization and re-claim humankind's rule of Earth.

But will their hopes for the human race withstand forbidden love and power-lusting betrayals from within? Will humankind ever rule Earth again?

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Short stories set in the Age of Bedlam world.