futuristic abandoned city in the scifi style


Seriously? Do people really ask you these questions frequently?

Well, okay, frequently is a bit of a stretch, I’ll give you that one. But you’d be amazed (or maybe you wouldn’t) at the strange ways and times these questions come at me. I love talking about the craft of writing and all things AoB, but I suspect that the person who invented the FAQ, preferred to have all ten toenails ripped out with needle-nose pliers to repeating the same answers to the same questions over-and-over.

Were you savaged by rabbits when you were a kid or something?

The sinister Lepus were not inspired by any traumatic experiences with hares or rabbits. But I’m not buying their cute and cuddly routine. With their efficient breeding left unchecked by predators, they could easily evole to dominate the world.

Where do you come up with all this crazy shit?

Crook a suspicious eyebrow at anyone who has an answer to this question beyond, “who knows?” Some people’s brains are primed to understand quantum physics *I bow in deference*. Some are primed to make up stuff out of the ether. But to give a direct answer: the shower. Seriously. I wish I could bring my laptop in there.

When will the next EoB book come out?

Your humble author is slaving over a hot monitor whenever possible to get it ready. If you follow my Facebook author page, or Twitter @mbfallon, you’ll get all the Age of Bedlam news and squiggly bits. You can also sign-up for my newsletter, and I’ll blast out details of the next release as it approaches. I’ll be posting Fugue entries, podcasts and short stories here on the site, so check back whenever you feel like joining me in the Age of Bedlam.

I have this great novel/movie/TV idea, it’ll make us all millionaires. Will you write it or help me write it?

I’m always so humbled and thankful when people think I might have what it takes to bring their idea to the page. But at the moment, and for the foreseeable future, The Age of Bedlam book series consumes my every moment in the writing saddle. It haunts my thoughts when I’m, say, sweating away in a spinning class and have to stop to dash out a note about Midari, August or Trangia in my iPhone, before I get back to pedaling. So until I’ve typed the last sentence of the AoB story—and who knows when that will be—I’m at full capacity.

You should write the story yourself. It’s clearly a great story if it’s got you all whipped up. The satisfaction that will roll over you when you finish it will change your life forever. Writing is hard. I’m not saying it isn’t. But compared to digging ditches or something, it’s just thinking up stuff, tapping buttons on a keyboard, and making sure the commas and periods are in the right place.

That’s all.